About us

Sakht Shimi production group was founded in 1996  in Isfahan and started its activities by producing sand papers. Its experienced and powerful engineers,using global technology and also their own creativity, could make and exploit the sand paper manufacturing machines.
During the last years by using quality control systems and research projects, sand papers produced by this company have achieved a high level quality.
According to local needs to sanding belts,researches began in 2001  and after 3 months the first sanding belts of this company released.
Because of good quality and also its competitive price, using Sakht Shimi sandpapers
increases the productivity and totaly reduces the cost to the consumer.
It worths noting that Sakht Shimi company, relyaing on its engneers and managers potentials, is procuring to produce water-proof abrasive papers, which is a high consumption and imported products and from now on we proudly will produce this product for the first time in Iran.
Based on the calculations and predictions done by the production group,the first product of the sand paper manufacturing machine,will be released to market in a near future.
In 2009 at the request of a number of iranian street light manufactures,some of engineers of this company started to design and build a fully automatic production line for tempered street light bulbs.this product is widely used in producing firms related to street lights.
In addition to the products above,Sakht Shimi company has offered some other kinds of products which are explained in products part of the website.
The company's products are now widely known in Iran and they're highly competitive comparing to imported brands.

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