Glass bulb of street lights

In recent years using tempered street lights is increased due to its robustness against impact,ability to withstand severe thermal shocks and safety.

Sakht Shimi production group launches the production line of theses glases by using technical sience and updated global technologies and now is producing tempered glasses in 70,125,250 watts.

These glasses are manufactured according to international shatterproof glass standards and the ability to withstand sudden changes in temperature up to 180 c.

Also due to the high transparecy and the smooth surface of the glass of these bulbs lighting efficiency greatly increases.

Robustness against impact
Ability to withstand severe thermal shocks upto 180 c
Depth and the ability to be replaced by the old conventional glass
Glass thickness 5 mm
With dimonded round edges
Increased environmental lightin than traditional glass,resulting in the possibility of using more energy efficient lighting